Sergey Osokin

Sergey Osokin was born in 1976 year in Kazan.

He obtained his intermediate education in Kazan in 1993 year, finishing the specialized school number 131 on physics and mathematics, awarded by the special prize for successes in studying physics, algebra, geometry, and beginnings of the mathematical analysis.

In 1998 year he finished the physical faculty of Kazan State University with honors and received his Master Degree on specialization of solid state physics as an experimentalist. After he had graduated from the Kazan State University, he went to Japan for two years to study and work in Kanazawa University as a student of Master course.

In September 2000 year he finished the faculty of science of Kanazawa University and awarded the degree of Master of science with Number of Degree.

Since October 2000 till June 2003 he was a postgraduate student of the Theoretical Physics Department of Kazan State University. In November 27 2003 he awarded the academic degree of Candidate of Science on Physics and Mathematics.

Since January 2004 till January 2007 he worked in Kazan Physical-Technical Institute in laboratory of Medical Physics Methods. The main task was development of the mathematical model of the medical tomographs. Particularly he made the model of magnetic system of the medical tomographs. Simultaneously from January 2006 to present day he works in Kazan State University (department of Molecular Systems, Physical Faculty). The main work is development of the dielectric theory in continuing his postgraduate work. One more direction of his activity is development and application of the fluctuation-noise spectroscopy methods and other statistical methods for treatment and analysis spectra, signals and noises of different nature (pharmaceutical, vibration, acoustic data). Within a group (headed by Prof. Raoul Nigmatullin) he develops standards of fluctuation-noise metrology.

In October and November 2010 he passed professional development program “Basics of technology commercialization” (training program FAST TRAC, prepared by Business center USA-Russia). 

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