Composite (Moscow, Russia, development of technology of the control the technological processes of the carbon fiber production.


Litas JSC (Kazan, Russia, - development of pattern recognition system (joints and defects) for non-invasive control.


Astrazeneka (London, UK, - development of physical principles of monitoring the state of polymer membranes on the surface of the cans for medicines.


Hikma Pharmaceuticals PLC (Amman, Jordan, - development of methods for determining the probability distribution of pharmaceuticals data with short samples.


Trans World Airlines (Kansas City, USA, development of technique for ultra-precise control of impurities (water content) of fuel using the infrared and dielectric spectrums.


Tatneftehiminvest-Holding OJSC (Kazan, Russia, development of the project of creation Specialized Complex Analytical Laboratory of Diagnostics and Standardization (with RUSNANO).


Technopolis Hingrad (Kazan, Russia,