Software development

Our company provides a variety of services in software development and development computer systems according to the customer's order:

  • For microcontrollers

  • For sensors, analyzers, spectrometers

  • For diagnostic systems

  • For industrial and laboratory equipment


Software development, especially development computer systems according to the customer's order, as a rule, needs careful and thorough testing. Specialized information systems also needs to be adequately tested. Application development does not always require expensive testing. However, for commercial or critical projects, quality testing is a key element of success.

Also, according to our work experience, it is important to demonstrate to the customer the working prototype of interface at the earliest stages of software development. This will help to remove possible misunderstanding of customer's idea at the begiinning of our work.

It would seem that the industrial way of software development makes this process bureaucratic and not flexible. However, just maintaining the technology and the knowledge of techniques help to speed up process of development and make it cost-effective.

Special attention is paid to problems of compatibility with customer equipment, so each of our product is unique.