SCALIO System for automatic generation of control programs for grinding computer-controlled machines for manufacturing dental drills

Company SCALDIS Ltd offers a new software product «SCALIO» which is a system for automatic generation of control program for 3 or 4 coordinate grinding machines for manufacturing various types of rotary burrs. Using proposed program allows to produce such details as dental drills and milling of complex shape with outdated 3 or 4 coordinate grinding computer-controlled machines.


Our system has the following functions and features:


1.1. The program calculates the path of the cutter and creates a small file (size near 6.5 kb), which is ready to be sent to the control unit.

1.2. It is possible to design burrs, as with right and left-hand slope of spiral flute (tooth), as well as the ability to calculate straight spur cutters.

1.3. It is possible to calculate both the "stern" and a "nose" burrs.

1.4. It is possible to calculate the rotary cutter teeth with a central location, and with a group separation of teeth (at the discretion of the operator).

1.5. There is possibility to replace the spherical portion by ellipse, i.e. when needed to «flatten» the spherical part of the cutter.

1.6. It is possible to use grinding wheels for sharpening a wide range of the front and rear of the backrest.

1.7. Implemented following burrs: spherical, elliptical and cutter type "torch" (brush).


Advantages of the system:

1. Ability to change the direction of the tooth by simply pressing a button.

2. Automatic calculation of the depth of grooves in accordance with the standards.

3. Ability to quickly recalculate control program due to the changes of the grinding wheel’s parameters as a result of grinding.


Users only need to enter the disc diameter and grinding angle and the program will be recalculated in a few seconds. Due to the fact that the program calculates automatically and the output data is a text file, software is universal and suitable for all types of modern computer-controlled machines. Interface of the system is simple and intuitive, allowing to use it employees with any level of training. Other types of rotary burrs can be modeled by the customer. As a result, this program allows you to upgrade and enhance your production without purchasing expensive equipment and manufacture details with complex configuration without significant spends.